Carnival Spirit - 3 Day Weekend Sampler

Carnival Spirit - 3 Day Weekend Sampler

Day 1:
We boarded the ship around 12:30pm and after a quick look around we met up with the other itravel agents.

I had an obstructed view balcony on deck 5. The rooms were spacious, but the bathrooms are tiny! Even though it was an obstructed view cabin we still had a nice view as we could see over the top of the life boats.

That evening we had a welcome cocktail party in the Piano bar, where we were served sushi and cocktails followed by dinner in the main restaurant area at 7:30pm (which is the late dinner sitting). The food was amazing. It’s different every night and our waiter was great. They dim the lights at about 8:00pm and have a show right in the middle of dinner! A waitress gets up on a table and sings and all the wait staff dance around the restaurant and get so involved. This was such a great thing, kids were dancing, and all the adults got involved (including us).

Day 2:
Bright and early we enjoyed a tour of all the new features from the Carnival Spirits refurbishment. The Spirit is the only ship to have Soulplay – which is a crafting area for anyone to use (at an additional cost) where you can make bags, jewellery, door hangers and paintings. There was also a new arcade which had a whole lot of cool arcade games. We met Elih, the Cruise director who told us about some new things happening onboard. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and looking around which led us to the lolly and souvenir shop, where we all brought matching shirts supporting Carnival!
That evening we dined in the main dining room again, and we had another fun performance at dinner. We watched another show, which was rock and roll.

Day 3:
Today we were lucky enough to be able to go down into the galley and bake Carnivals signature ‘melting chocolate cake’ whilst dressed up as chefs (and then we ate it!). I have the recipe if anyone is interested. We learnt how the meal process works as well as a private tour of the galley.
We then got a surprise, which was to go into the bridge to meet the Ship’s Captain! We spent about 30 minutes in there learning how to sail a ship, where the best maritime schooling is, how long it takes to be a Captain, and answers to all the questions we asked! (By the way he said it takes about 25 years or until you have grey hair).
We finished the day watching a dive in movie on the top deck and then dressed up for the Mexican themed night. We went to the Alchemy Bar – which is a bar where they create personalised cocktails! We had yet another performance at dinner, all did the macarena, and danced until we couldn’t move! The Mexican food was spicy, but so yum.

Each morning we had breakfast in the restaurant, we didn’t eat in the buffet area as it was self-serve and always really busy unless you went very early. All the Carnival staff are really bubbly and you can tell their love their job. The Spirit is kept in immaculate condition. The comedy show (18+) was hilarious and I would recommend to anyone who loves a laugh. They get the audience involved. Don’t recommend if you are sensitive, you may get offended. Carnival is such an alive ship and it’s hard not to have a good time onboard.