To get to Tahiti from Sydney you have to fly via New Zealand. I flew with Air New Zealand which was a 3.5hr flight to Auckland, then 5.5hrs to Papeete. There’s always a few hours in Auckland which is not too bad as there are some nice restaurants to have something to eat and drink.

Tahiti is a beautiful mix of French and South Pacific.

I stayed at a few different Resorts when I was there.

The Sofitel la Ora Beach Resort– this is beautiful and spacious accommodation, on the water with great restaurants and food.

Aggie Grey’s Le Meridian Tahiti, Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti and Le Meridian the rooms were very spacious, both on the beach. The Le Meridian was closer to the airport which is handy if needing to overnight before an ongoing flight – as the flights out of Papeete back to Sydney leave very early in the morning.

Highlights of my stay were the Shark and Sting Ray Feeding in Moorea where you are right in the water with the sharks and rays who are super friendly! The Moana Lagoon and Motu Picnic is a great day trip with local cooking demonstrations. I went wading in the water after lunch and had small stingrays swimming over my feet. Pearl shopping is inexpensive, you can get pearls everywhere in Tahiti. I found the pearl shopping a bit expensive in resorts on Moorea but much better back in Papeete.

The weather in Tahiti is beautiful year round and it is missed by the cyclones that effect other South Pacific Islands.